For those who are looking for something to do during the slow late-January period, can I suggest a quick trip to Taiwan?

The International Workshop on Asia and Commons in the Information Age (ACIA) will be taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on Jan 19 and 20, 2008. It’s a gathering of experts from across the Asia Pacific region, to meet, greet and generally discuss all things open access.

The objectives of the ACIA workshop are to:

1. Strengthen the “Asia Commons” by bringing in more members and improving links to related organizations within the Asia Pacific region;
2. Promote the commons in the region, and providing a forum to develop practical strategies for this promotion;
3. Provide a forum for industry engagement, and in particular identifying and presenting successful commercial uses of open content licensing within the region;
4. Provide a forum for discussion of topics of importance to the Asia Commons (e.g., the meaning of ‘open’ in our age, and the history and role of the commons in Asia).

You can find out more details here. Hope to see you all there!

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