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Creative Commons License

The Creative Commons Clinic (ccClinic) is a research and education project funded by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries & Innovation, which
engages with Creative Commons to research and promote its implementation in Australia.

We are seeking students from all disciplines and all universities who are interested in participating by:

* enrolling in QUT’s ccClinic undergraduate elective;
* undertaking independent study through your own faculty; or
* joining our volunteer internship program (not for academic credit).

Students will have the chance to work collaboratively and with mentors from the education, government and creative industries to complete a major project on topics such as:

* sharing and remixing as tools for innovation in a user-generated context;
* Web 2.0 business models; and
* collaboration through social networking and virtual communities such as Second Life.

For more information contact Jessica Coates at [email protected] or ph 07 3138 8301

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