Australian arts database, Artabase has recently added Creative Commons licensing options to the site to help creative Australians get their work out. Artabase is a beta social networking site for the arts community, turning contemporary events listings into a growing database of art history.

“Images on Artabase can now offer a Creative Commons license if the artist want so that people can reproduce the images on other websites, etc, with some conditions attached,” Artabase Director, Rebecca Cannon, says, “which is great if you want to increase your exposure, for example, by allowing other blogs to show off your work.” She also throws a salute out to Creative Commons “for making sharing legal.”

The site allows users to upload individual images and past, present and future exhibitions (which link groups of images together into a collection) for free. As exhibitions pass, they are archived to keep a dynamic history of the Australian visual arts sector. It also includes gallery pages.

Where a Creative Commons licence has been placed on the image, the name of the licence (including a link to the Commons Deed) replaces “All Rights Reserved” in the copyright notice. If you’re an artist, simply sign up and start posting your work.

Artabase is in Beta stage, with more streamlining of the CC process to come.

As the international CC website reports, Artabase joins other arts exhibition websites such as Rhizome.