[Vibewire](http://www.vibewire.net), the Australian-based youth media non-profit, launched its 2007 [e-Festival of Ideas](http://www.vibewire.net/efestival) today.

The e-Festival has been running for a few years now, in conjunction with National Youth Week. It’s a great initiative, which provides the opportunity for members of the public to come together with experts to discuss important issues of the day. And best of all, it all occurs online, so there are no registration fees or airfares. All you need is an internet connection and an opinion to get involved.

This year’s festival includes panels on climate change, multiculturalism and how to get arts funding – and [one devoted entirely to Creative Commons](http://www.vibewire.net/efestival/2007/panels/creativecommons). Elliott and I will be on the panel to answer questions, as well as a whole pile of industry experts such as [DJ Spooky](http://www.djspooky.com), Allison Fine from [Demos](http://www.demos.org) and the team from [EngageMedia](http://www.engagemedia.org).

So if you have something you’ve always wanted to say about Creative Commons, copyright or innovation in the digital era, get aboard and say it. Or even if you’ve just got questions – we still want to hear from you. Go on – have an opinion!