CCau-ers Damien O’Brien and Professor Brian Fitzgerald have been getting a fair amount of media attention regarding their research paper about the legalities of YouTube, with articles in the Internet Law Bulletin, [ABC News Online](, the [Sydney Morning Herald]( and [the Age](

The paper warns that many of the 65,000 new videos uploaded daily onto [YouTube]( might be illegal. If they’re reproductions or communications of the whole, or even a little bit of the original, then they probably infringe copyright. This includes, for example, uploading a video of yourself miming to a popular song, or using a song in the background of a video you’ve uploaded.

The paper says that remixes and mashups of copyrighted content, as well as amateur miming, have been overlooked by new copyright reforms announced on May 14.

The researchers suggest amendments that will allow someone to remix a small amount of another person’s work and put it in a different context as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and doesn’t compete with the original.

While there haven’t been any prosecutions in Australia yet, major music companies, particularly in the United States, have demanded that such videos be removed from YouTube.