We came across this commoner while we were poking around the internet, and just had to share it with all of you. Definitely one of the more interesting CC licensors we’ve seen in a while.

OpenVoice, a small Australian business specialising in voice prompting services for the Asteriskā„¢ Open Source PBX system, have released a whole lot of Australian PBX voice prompts/messages available for free download under an Australian v2.1 Attribution-ShareAlike licence. The prompts feature the voice of Alex Dalrymple, who is a regular announcer at a major Sydney radio station, and include everything from the standard (“I’m sorry, that number is not valid”) to the wacky (“We’re off gambling and getting drunk”). They have some great MP3 demos that you can listen to on the site – or you can download the whole set to use with your Asterisk PBX system.

Check them out [here](http://www.openvoice.com.au/free/).