Want to be part of cinema and internet history?

A Swarm of Angels is a project to create a £1 million ($2.47 million) film and give it away to one million people in one year.

Writer and filmmaker, Matt Hanson, plans to draw on the collective efforts of at least 50,000 people to create the world’s first internet-funded, crewed and distributed feature film. A Swarm of Angels is a non-commercial venture that uses the Creative Commons licence, so anything it produces can be downloaded, shared and modified for free. The project needs to sign up at least 50,000 members each willing to pay £25 to be a part of the project. Using an online discussin board contributors get to have their say on important creative decisions such as what’s included in the script.

Any profit from licensing commercial use will be rolled into the next A Swarm of Angels production.

To find out more visit [A Swarm of Angels](http://www.aswarmofangels.com) website.