Cooking pancakes and mixing sounds as part of Radio National’s Night Air program, performed live during Electrofringe. Photo by Nick Moraitis.

Elliott Bledsoe recently represented CC Australia at This is not Art festival. Held annually in Newcastle, TINA is comprised of five festivals including Electrofringe, National Young Writers’ Festival, National Student and Emerging Media Conference, Sound Summit, Critical Animals and Earthling.

CC was asked to speak on three panels exploring CC licensing as a tool for artists and creators. The first panel was Online Investigations, which focused on online content production, online audiences and the opportunities for independent media. Elliott spoke about CC as a way of promoting and distributing content.

On the DIY Publishing: the future panel about the future of independent and self-publishing Elliott spoke about CC as a promotion and distribution model and CC as a way of getting low-cost, and low-hassle content for use in independently produced content.

The final panel was Copyright, Copywrong, Copyleft Jam!. It aimed to explore the bounds of existing copyright laws and its affect on creativity. Elliott spoke about CC in Australia, its potential and some of the setbacks.