Creative Commons has launched its second (now officially) annual fundraising campaign.

Within a year of launching the licensing project in December 2002, there were more than 1, 000, 000 link-backs to our licenses (meaning at least a million places on the web where people were linking to our licenses, and presumably licensing content under those licenses). In June this year we reported about 140, 000, 000 link-backs to our licenses.

The success of Creative Commons has been primarily built by thousands of volunteers across the world who have worked to launch CC projects locally, and worked to spread our movement to artists and educators internationally.

But it is supported by the contributions of many more.

To view the “Lessig Letters” from last years fundraising campaign, which explain a bit about where Creative Commons came from, and where it is going [click here](

And if you’d like to just get it over, and donate, [click here](