The internet and associated digital technologies mean that quality information and knowledge can be communicated across the globe, by even the most basic user, cheaply and instantly. Enormous potentials exist to access and build information and knowledge networks.

Professor Lawrence Lessig at Stanford University (USA) and a number of his colleagues were frustrated by the fact that technology offered so much but that negotiability of copyright material in law was so cumbersome. Lessig’s vision was for a space in the virtual world where people could share and reuse copyright material without fear of being sued i.e. the “Creative Commons”. For this to happen, copyright owners had to agree or give permission for their material to be shared in advance through a generic licence.

QUT is the lead agent for the Australian Creative Commons Project under the direction of QUT’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Tom Cochrane and Professor Brian Fitzgerald in Law. The Creative Commons Clinic is a project of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries & Innovation (CCI), which aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on the Creative Commons project, in line with the CCI’s key outcomes.

CC on Orange by yamabobobo
Creative Commons License

We are seeking students from all disciplines and all universities who are interested in participating by:

* enrolling in QUT’s ccClinic undergraduate elective;
* undertaking independent study through your own faculty; or
* joining our volunteer internship program (not for academic credit).

Students will have the chance to work collaboratively and with mentors from the education, government and creative industries to complete a major project on topics such as:

* sharing and remixing as tools for innovation in a user-generated context;
* Web 2.0 business models; and
* collaboration through social networking and virtual communities such as Second Life.

For more information contact Jessica Coates at [email protected] or ph 07 3138 8301