In January 2005 the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia hosted the Open Content Licensing (OCL): Cultivating the Creative Commons conference on Gardens Point campus in the city’s CBD. It was a symposium on the latest developments for the future of distributing, developing and negotiating rights in digital content.

Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Head, School of Law and co-project leader of the Australian Creative Commons movement was instrumental in arranging Lawrence Lessig’s visit to Brisbane. Lawrence remarked that he was “thrilled to be working with Queensland University of Technology”, and that, “Australia will be a vital participant in bringing the international Cultural Commons to fruition”. Lawrence felt that the conference was the “best we’ve seen”.

We are very happy to announce that the video logs of the conference are now available. The video streams are licensed under the Creative Commons Australian Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.1 licence.

video streams

18 January 2005

  1. Professor The Hon Michael Lavarch
  2. low-fi hi-fi

  3. Justice Ronald Sackville
  4. low-fi hi-fi

  5. Professor Brian Fitzgerald
  6. low-fi hi-fi

  7. Professor Lawrence Lessig (keynote address)
  8. low-fi hi-fi

  9. Tom Cochrane and Neeru Paharia
  10. low-fi hi-fi

  11. Ian Oi and Neeru Paharia
  12. low-fi hi-fi

  13. Professor Michael Lavarch introducing Linda Lavarch
  14. low-fi hi-fi

  15. Mr Richard Neville, Professor Greg Hearn, Professor Barry Conyngham AM, Professor Richard Jones
  16. low-fi hi-fi

  17. Professor John Quiggin, Dave Rooney, Jean Burgess and Mark Fallu
  18. low-fi hi-fi

19 January 2005

  1. Professor Stuart Cunningham, Dr Terry Cutler, Dr Anne Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper and Tom Cochrane
  2. low-fi hi-fi

  3. Professor Arun Sharma, Carol Fripp and Dennis MacNamara
  4. low-fi hi-fi

  5. Renato Ianella
  6. low-fi hi-fi

  7. Brian Fitzgerald
  8. low-fi hi-fi

Games Session

  1. Greg Lane
  2. low-fi hi-fi

  3. John Banks and Sal Humphreys
  4. low-fi hi-fi

  5. Professor Brian Fitzgerald and Nic Suzor
  6. low-fi hi-fi

  7. Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Professor Lawrence Lessig, Professor Stuart Cunningham, Sal Humphreys
  8. hi-fi

  9. Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Professor Lawrence Lessig, Professor Stuart Cunningham, Sal Humphreys
  10. hi-fi

Conference close, Queensland Supreme Court

  1. Justice James Douglas and Professor Lawrence Lessig
    low-fi hi-fi

about Lawrence Lessig

Professor Lawrence Lessig is the founder of the Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society. Recently he represented website operator Eric Eldred in the groundbreaking case Eldred v Ashcroft, a challenge to the 1998 Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Larry has also been named one Scientific American’s Top 50 Visionaries. He is the author of The Future of Ideas and Code and other Laws of Cyberspace.