Below you will find links to materials produced by Creative Commons Australia and its [affiliate research programs](

* Redistributable [Info Packs and fact sheets](infopacks) about Creative Commons.

* [Introductory Animations](animations)

* The [CC Case studies]( wiki, with over 150 entries. Or for a compiled collection, see our publications Building an Australasian Commons: Creative Commons Case Studies Volume 1 and Asia and the Commons.

* [Publications](publications) on Creative Commons and related topics

* [Powerpoint presentations](presentations) about Creative Commons and open content licensing.

* [Videos and podcasts](audiovisual) of our conferences, talks and guest lecturers.

* Draft license [discussion documents](draft_discussion).

* [Advocacy](advocacy) documents, including submissions to various government inquiries and reviews.

* Past [Featured Items](pastfeatures) – check out a selection of Australian content we’ve recently highlighted.

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* [Creative Commons licences explained](
* [Introductory videos and comics](
* [Introductory fact sheets and flyers](
* [The history of Creative Commons](