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Elliott Beldsoe

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Robin Wright

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Jessica Thiel, PhD student, Queensland University of Technology: Global Network Council Representative

Image: by jessica Stevens

Image: Jessica Stevens

Jessica is a PhD Candidate in the Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Her research focuses on open access to knowledge, open publishing models, open education resources, sustainable development and human flourishing. She holds Bachelor degrees in Law and Arts (Journalism) from Griffith University, and a Masters of Law from QUT. Jessica is an advocate for Open Access and Open Education and has been a member of the Creative Commons Community since 2015.

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CC Certificate Australian Graduates

The Creative Commons Certificate recognizes expertise in open licensing. Open licensing strengthens our collective work, building a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world through open knowledge and culture.

Completion of the CC Certificate course shows a deep level of understanding of open licensing copyright works in the Education and Library sectors.

Australian Certificate graduates who have provided their contact details welcome questions about their course experience and how they use CC licences in their organisations. Certificate graduates are not authorised to represent or speak on behalf of Creative Commons. If you have an inquiry for CC Australia, please email the Creative Commons Australia team: [email protected].

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Kylie Burgess University of New England

Samantha Elkington-Dent University of the Sunshine Coast

Katya Henry Queensland University of Technology

Franco (Frank) Ponte RMIT University

Nerida Quatermass Queensland University of Technology

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Susannah Bell Swinburne University of Technology

Amanda Bellenger Curtin University

Emelie Johnson Swinburne University of Technology