Affiliate Leads

 Delia Browne, National Copyright Unit (NCU): Lead for Education

Delia is the National Copyright director of the National Copyright Unit (NCU) to Copyright Advisory Group, COAG Education Council. NCU provide specialist copyright advice to the Australia School and TAFE sector- see Smartcopying. NCU provide advice and training on CC and Open Education Resources to the education sector. Delia is a highly respected copyright lawyer and active advocate of OER in Australia and internationally and is currently leading the advocacy on behalf of the Australian Education sector in copyright law reform. She is one of the co- drafters of the Cape Town Declaration on OER and co- founder and President of Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) a disruptive open education initiative. NCU currently runs the successful Copyright of Educators (Australia) in P2PU/Creative Commons School of Open.


Professor Tom Cochrane, QUT: Lead for Legal, Private & Creative Sectors, GLAM

Tom is the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In this position Tom headed a Division combining the services of the Libraries, Information Technology Services, eLearning Services, Learning Environments and Technology Services and QUT Printing Services in the one structure. The organisation comprises approximately 480 equivalent full time staff and oversees an annual expenditure in excess of $50 million, to support a full range of information and technology services as well as learning and academic support for QUT’s teaching and research activities. Tom’s roles include: Chair, Australian Libraries’ Copyright Committee; Chair, Australian eResearch Infrastructure Council; Director, Australian Digital Alliance and Director, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation. He is also a member of the National Research Infrastructure Council and a member of the Publications Board of the CSIRO.


Associate Professor, Nicolas Suzor, QUT: Lead for Legal, Private & Creative Sectors, GLAM

Nicolas Suzor is a Principal Research Fellow and Associate Professor in the Law School at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. He researches and teaches on issues at the intersection of law, society, and technology. His research examines the peer economy, the governance of social networks and other online intermediaries, and emerging commons-based models for the production of cultural goods.


Lead for Publicly Funded Information (to be advised)


Current affiliate leads

Other current and prior staff, interns, volunteers, alumni, and friends

  • Baden Appleyard, Lead for Publicly Funded Information, 2015 -2017
  • Brian Fitzgerald, Project Lead 2004-2012
  • Anne Fitzgerald
  • Ashleigh Nother
  • Cheryl Foong
  • Elliott Bledsoe
  • Emma Carroll
  • Ian Oi
  • Isha Bywaters
  • Jessica Coates
  • Jessica Pietch
  • Jessica Price
  • Jessica Smith
  • Jimmy Ti
  • Kelsey Lancaster
  • Kylie Pappalardo
  • Nat Cameron
  • Neale Hooper
  • Nerida Quatermass
  • Rachel Cobcroft
  • Ray Dowling
  • Rex Cho
  • Shannon Miller
  • Sophie Kannemeyer
  • Suzannah Wood