Creative professionals and amatuers are free to use Creative Commons licenced material and can apply Creative Commons licences to their work by using the licence tool. Creatives such as artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and arts organisations in Australia have already embraced the use of Creative Commons licences.

What is Creative Commons?

Mayer and Bettle 2

This sequel to the original Mayer and Bettle video, provides some further information about how to apply the Creative Commons licences to your own work.

A Shared Culture.

An explanation of the concept of shared culture and how Creative Commons licences works in conjunction with this concept.

Do you know what Creative Commons is?

A hip-hop interpretation of the use of Creative Commons licences in music.

Wanna Work Together?

Wanna Work Together? explains in practical details how creators expose, share, and remix their works using our free public licenses.

Case Studies:

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) released their album The Slip to their fans for free under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. This has been a successful strategy because the band has now seen substantial media attention and consequential profit from the release. To find out more about the NIN case study click here.

DevaintART is a worldwide online community dedicated to showcasing creative work such as videos, prints, literature and comics, they use a range of Creative Commons licences to allow communities to share and re-produce works.

For more information relating to the DeviantArt case study click here.


Recent news and blog posts

  • Attribution of Flickr images (09 Jan 13) Attribution is a core condition in all six Creative Commons licences.  A question which we are commonly asked is “How can I properly attribute a CC-licensed work when I use it?”  We explain the Attribution requirement in our factsheet (available here) and in our seminar presentations. Increasingly, attribution of CC-licensed works is becoming easier ...
  • etcc: remixing the visual arts (20 Dec 12) In 2010, Australian Research Council Center of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, ccAustralia and etcc project coordinators Benjamin Reeve, Skye Reeve and Elliott Bledsoe received funding in the inaugural round of the Creative Commons Catalyst Grants. The succesful application pitched for a touring remixable art exhibition that explored ideas of creation and appropriation in ...
  • CC’s 10th Birthday celebrations (14 Dec 12) From 7 – 16 December, Creative Commons is celebrating 10 years of the Creative Commons licences, which have enabled the sharing and reuse of roughly half a billion creative, educational, scientific and governmental works. CC Affiliates around the world are celebrating CC10. CC Korea, for example, released a CC10Musicians iPhone app. The app is available on ...
  • Geoscience Australia to license Landsat 8 images under CC BY (27 Jul 12) The Landsat 8 satellite, to be launched in early 2013, is expected to be fully operational by May or June of that year. Once it begins capturing images and beaming them back, Geoscience Australia (GA) will publish them online for free, in as close to real time as practical, under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 ...
  • 4 million CC licensed videos on YouTube (27 Jul 12) It’s been a year since YouTube launched its CC video library, and since then, users have added 40 years worth of video under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence. From 25 July 2012, users can opt for future videos to be licensed under CC BY as a default. For more information, see Creative Commons CEO Cathy ...
  • Australia’s story goes viral (14 May 12) A project which has opened up historic video clips of events including the release of Lindy Chamberlain and the introduction of World Series Cricket has been viewed 1.5 million times in the first month. The collaborative initiative between the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) at QUT, Creative Commons Australia, the ABC ...
  • releases 50 images under CC (09 Nov 11) From 7 November 2011, all staff-produced photos will be released in high-res format on their newly launched public Flickr stream under a CC BY-NC license. And to mark their new licensing policy, they have compiled a gallery of 50 pictures from past Wired stories. Share this:More
  • Date claimer: Creative Commons for You, and for Government (29 Sep 11) Can’t get enough of CC? We will be making our way down to Canberra in about a month, so make sure you mark it in your diaries! A free public seminar on the topic CC for You, and for Government, will be presented by Professor Anne Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper and Cheryl Foong on Friday, 4 November ...
  • CC Korea translates Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report (02 Sep 11) The Report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce, released under a CC Attribution 2.5 Australia licence in 2010, has since been translated into Korean. The translation project began as an inspired effort by a team of CC Korea volunteers. Credits— Screenshot of CC Korea site. Website licensed under CC BY 2.0 Korea. Share this:More
  • Australian Dress Register an open closet to our history (18 Aug 11) Once again, our Australian cultural institutions are showing their resourcefulness in making the most of web 2.0 technology to share historical information with the public. The Australian Design Register, an initiative of the Powerhouse Museum and several other historical and cultural institutions, Credits—Photo: Australian Dress Register – 19th century convict jacket by Powerhouse ...
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